Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Birthday Wishes!

Today is my Mothers Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday Mother Dear, Happy days will come to you this year, If I had a WISH it would be, A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from Me, Austin and Brody!!!!!!!
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Brody's First Christmas!!!!!!

This has been the Greatest Christmas of Austin and My life!!! Getting to celebrate such a fun holiday with our little man was so much fun!!!!! He got a bouncer which he loves with all his heart. He would stay in it all day and bounce if I let him! It is so cute to watch!!!!!
Merry Christmas Darling Boy!!! Thank you for bringing the magic back to us!
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Bingham Family Christmas

We always have Christmas Eve at my parents house. It is so much fun to get together and celebrate the season. My moms house is always decorated to the hills! It is sparkly everywhere and very magical for little Raegan and Wyatt. Brody is too little to get what is going on, but next year he will understand.
We had a yummy dinner and Grandma Nordberg (my moms, mother) even came to celebrate! I love pretty things....I am pretty sure I get them from my mom, check out the prettys she did for christmas! Nothing better then eating by candlelight!!!!!!!
We all got pjs for Christmas, we opened up presents and ate lots of treats!!! Our favorite thing was Brodys present "The tickle monster". Its the most darling book I have ever seen. Austin read it to Brody while I tickled the heck out of him, he loves to laugh so this is the greatest present for him. Thank you Mamy and Popy!!!!!!
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Grantsville Christmas

This year we celebrated Christmas with the Allreds on Tuesday December 22. We had such a fun time with all of the cousins and even had twin girl cousins born that night. Congrats Aaron (Austins brother) and Katie!!!!!

Brody had fun watching all the kids run around and be crazy, he can't wait until he is big enough to run around with all them. The kids sang christmas songs to us and got christmas pjs from Nana and Papa Jack. We ate yummy dinner and opened presents. And even had an elf hunt! It was such a great night!!!! Thank you Allred family!!!!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Oh Martha!!!

Can my front door look like this??? PLEASE?

Martha Stewart is the goddess of beauty! Seriously, everything she does is beautiful.
I am obsessing over this moss wreath.
I think I might make myself one, yep thats a definite...I need one!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Baby

Over the weekend we went out to Granstsville to celebrate Christmas with Austins Grandparents and Cousins. We had a party on Friday night and Saturday night. We had such a great time with everyone. Brody even got to see Santa for the very first time!

The new additions to the family!
Brody(sept.2), Brigsen(Oct.21), and Elli(Sept.29)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

Hello everyone. I am going to start a blog for Thanksgiving Point, we want to show off all the pretty things we have done there and would love for you to stop by and tell us what you think.
Here is something that was posted just today.

There will be lots of beautiful pictures, ideas and fun recipes. Check it out and add it to your favorites list.

Monday, December 14, 2009


For those of you with children, you will understand me perfectly.

Until the day that Brody was placed in my arms, life was just fine,
it was ordinary and I thought I was really happy. I loved my life and all that was in it, especially my husband. But there came a day when I felt that something was missing, I couldn't quite figure out what it was. Now that I have my Mr. Brody I know that what was missing was something magical. The day I layed eyes on my son I felt it. The world was going to be a much better place with him in it. Every day since then has seemed so much more fun and exciting. He brings joy and laughter in the most beautiful ways. This holiday season would be nothing more then it always is, if it weren't for Brody and all the wonder he brings. I feel like a kid again, like when I use to believe in everything magical.
He has given that feeling back to me, I feel like Christmas is Magical again

and I'm LOVING IT!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Couldn't resist

For those of you that know Austin know that he LOVES saying what is on his mind to me and always in my head I am thinking, funny....I don't think I asked for your opinion. I found this same quote this morning on another blog, I couldn't quit laughing. I had to post it, even just for my amusement! hahaha

Thursday, December 3, 2009

3 months

Brody's 3 months old
My handsome boy you are growing so fast, I can't believe how much you have changed in just 3 months. You hold your head up like a pro and love to look around at everything. You have really been enjoying our christmas tree and all the sparkly lights. You LOVE to lay on your back and kick and kick and Kick. It could possibly be one of your favorite things to do! When you see your dad or me you get really excited and kick and throw your arms around while you squel. It makes my heart really happy!
You have been sleeping through the night since you were 10 weeks. You are such a big boy now and can hum your self back to sleep with out me. When we come to get you in the morning you are full of smiles and are soooo happy to see that we are smiling and cooing at you.
You have been growing so big, I had to pack away all of your 3 month clothes the other night, I kinda had a really hard time with it. I want you little forever, I love how snuggly you are right now and I know that the time is just around the corner when you will want to be free of mom and dad so that you can explore things on your own.
You have been trying to sit up all by yourself and are frustrated that you can't get all the way up. when I hold you on my lap you love to stand with your legs super straight, you giggle and think it is so fun to be big.
Brody these last 3 months have been a joy, you are such a good baby. I am excited to see what the future brings for you. We love you so much, thank you for giving us so much cheer in our lives.

Family Time

Thanksgiving is such a beautful time of year. Yummy smells in the air, lots of good things to eat, and the best of all....family time! It was especially great this year because Ryon, Danie, Kayla, and Sawyer got to be with us. My mother set the table extra beautiful and we ate until we all were stuffed to the max.
Isn't that what you are suppose to do?

Kayla, Raegan and Wyatt even had there own little table. Grandma covered the table with paper so that they could color during dinner...LUCKY!

My mom is trying to steal Brody from me every chance she gets,
and I don't think he minds a bit!

Wyatt ran around the house speaking in his coo coo language. Seriously he sounds chinese. haha
Sawyer was cutting teeth and not very happy about the runny nose he had all weekend, dang it!
The girls wanted Grandma to read them books all weekend, I think my mother was in heaven.
Chelsea, me and Danie
Raegan and Kayla
After we had eaten and chatted, my mom and dad gave the grandkids a new christmas tradition. It is called the Elf on the Shelf. They all got a darling little elf dressed in red, that sits around their house and watches them to make sure that they are being good, he reports back to santa everything they do, they better be good if they want Santa to come see them. It comes with this most darling book that the girls wanted read over and over again. We all got to name our elf, Brody's elf is Brooster and he loves it!!!!!

My mom was overly joyed that she got Ryon home this year, he hasn't been home for thanksgiving in 10 years, since he was 17.
After all the party hartying Chelsea, Danie and I left at midnight and went shopping for the Black friday deals. We didn't get back until 6 am. We were EXHAUSTED, but it was so worth it!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today as I was driving home from thanksgiving point, I was thinking about how I wish I didn't have to work. Wouldn't it be nice to just have money to play and shop and not have to worry about working for it? I would love to be able to just be home playing with my baby and decorating my house for christmas, baking yummy food and listing to christmas music. But that is not my life, Austin and I have to work like so many others, so that we can have all that we do. At that moment I looked to the side of the road and there stood a man that had a thin jacket and jeans with holes in them. He held a sign that read "will work for food". My heart hurt for this man and I was embarrassed for my ungratefulness. I so often go about my day not thinking of all that I have. I should thank God everyday for the ability to work and the blessing that I have been given to have a job I can take Brody with me.

Today I would like to say thank you to my heavenly father for all that I have and ALL that I have been blessed with, especially this little darling.

Monday, November 2, 2009

2 months old

Mr. Brody turns 2 months old today

We went to the doctor and he is growing fabulous.
Length 23.8 inches 81 percentile
Weight 13.12 lbs 83 percentile
Head 16.3 inches 85 percentile

Brody's Blessing

On Sunday November 1, 2009 Brody was blessed by his sweet daddy.
Having a baby has been the greatest joy in our lives
It was a very special day for Brody,
we had a lot of family and friends come support him on his blessing.
Austin with his brother Bubba
my mother, me and darling Brody
Kady, me, Jessica and Shayla
We had a lot of really yummy food and treats for everyone to enjoy!
Brody's Grandpas
Brody's Grandmas
My dad lovin up on my handsome baby

My brother Josh and his cute as ever family
I have an awesome father in law, i couldn't have asked for better
One of my bestest!!! Britt and Matt with baby Stella
It was the most beautiful day to celebrate the blessing of our sweet baby
Thank you to everyone that came!!!!!