Thursday, April 19, 2012


We made a trip out to good old Grantsville to see the Dentist.
  Austin's brother is the Fabulous
 Dr. Aaric Allred
 Austin was the first to get his teeth sparkly clean, lucky for him no cavaties!
 Brody was next, this was his very first visit to the Dentist,
 we weren't sure how he would like it.
Lets just say he was thrilled! 
 And lucky for us, Nana works there and got to watch little miss Brooklyn!
 You can see by his face in this picture....THRILLED!
 His favorite part was sucking the water out of the cup for practice, then out of his mouth for real. 
 He couldn't quit laughing

We had such a great time, can you even imagine the dentist, crazy I know.

 and I even escaped getting my picture taken with my mouth wide open, thank goodness. haha