Friday, January 27, 2012

photo shoot

Brooklyn got her 1 year old photos taken the other day.

We had planned on taking them outside, but on the day of pictures it was freezing, so we did them inside. I think they turned out pretty darling!

I can't believe how big my girl is.

Monday, January 9, 2012

12 month visit

Height: 31.1 inch- 96 %

Weight: 21lb. 3oz.- 53%

Head: 17.9 inch- 64%

1st Birthday

The lack of posts is due to a broken camera since Halloween. So sad about it, but for Christmas My Austin Earl got me a NEW one....yay!

Hopefully I will be getting my photo taking on and be able to post more (for you mom). Promise!

My baby Girl celebrated her 1st Birthday on January 3.

She was so sick with rsv and was not a happy camper, but we tried to make her day special for her none the less.

Brooklyn is walking all about, she is so proud of her self and claps when we tell her Good Job! It is her new favorite thing to do especially because she can chase Brody around the house even better. She is such a happy little girl and loves to give kisses. She snorts when she laughs hard, which makes all of us start laughing...she really is such a joy in our home. What did we do without her? Can't believe she is 1 years old, I guess the saying is true, Time flies when your'e having fun!