Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alta High 5 year reunion

My 5 year reunion was on saturday and I debating on going for weeks. Jessica finally made me go and I am glad that she did because we all had a blast together. We graduated with a lot of people, like 900, so you think that the turn out would have been good for a reunion. I bet that only 50-60 people ended up coming. SAD! Where is everyone? There is soooo many people that I was excited to see and didn't get to. It was really fun to see the people that did come and us girls always have a fun time together, but seriously people.....you all better be at the 10 year reunion!!!

Brian Regan

Austin and I went to the Brian Regan concert last wednesday night with our good friends Jessica and Brady. We had a blast! We didn't know if he would be funny or not but since we work at thanksgiving point, Jess and I decided we should try it out. The ampitheathre that they hold the concerts in is so dang pretty. It has the largest man made water fall behind the stage, and you bring blankets and sit on the grass. It was cute. And really....Brian Regan is the funniest!!! My cheeks hurt the whole time and my eyes were watering from laughing so hard. It was super fun and we are glad that we got to go with good friends that laughed as much as we did!
Brady and Jessica
Opening act-Kermit
me and Jess
Brian Regan
Austin and I

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

Last night Austin and I went to the Bees game in Salt Lake. It was Harmons family night, they do it every monday, and we got in for $3.00. Who can beat that? We had really good seats, just right above the third base. Which I hate to admit, but, I need to sit close so that I can try and pay attention. haha

See how close we were, it was excellent!!!

Austin Earl eating the famous hotdog that one must have at a baseball game.
Sick...I never eat hotdogs, but Austin talked me into it saying that it is a tradition that you eat one when you go to a baseball game. Reminder...don't ever listen to husbands....it was nast!
The people behind us had never been to a baseball game and had no idea what was even going on. The guy next to them talked through the whole game telling them every detail of the game. It was a little obnoxioius, but I do have to say I learned a little bit about baseball that I wouldn't have ever known.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


YEAH!!!! Football season has started and we are ready to watch the chargers every sunday. It's our BEST! Last night they played the Dallas Cowboys, it was a fantastic game to watch and Ryon did really good. My parents went out to see the first game and celebrate Kayla Starr's Birthday...we are soooo jealous. But we had our own little party here, Austin, Josh, Chelsea, Raegan, Wyatt and Me got together with some good food (of Course) and cheered for Ryon on T.V. Look how cutie our hats are! GO CHARGERS!!!!
I wish the Chargers wore the powder blue color everyweek (like my shirt)
Thats my favorite, I love it!

Where is Wyatts Hat??? Sadders he wants one.

Raegan was even excited to watch the game.

Yeah, we're thug money!!! haha
Lulu and me riding up to my moms to watch the game, I think that she was excited to watch Ryon too....or maybe she just thought I was taking her back to her mother. haha

Ryon we love watching you every week! We will be out to see you soon. Love you!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 54th Birthday Dad!!!

My dad turned 54 on Sunday. He loved having Wyatt get blessed on his Birthday. We celebrated my dads birthday on Monday because of all the celebrations with Wyatt on Sunday. It was such a great day! We had yummy dinner, cake and ice cream and My dad got really good gifts from everybody! We love you dad, Thanks for being so great!!!

Wyatt's Blessing Party

Wyatts Blessing

Sunday, August 3(my dads birthday) Wyatt was Blessed. We love that we live close to Josh and Chelsea and were able to go to the blessing and enjoy the after party at their house. Wyatt looked so dang cute in his little white vested outfit. I love baby blessings!