Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

Last night Austin and I went to the Bees game in Salt Lake. It was Harmons family night, they do it every monday, and we got in for $3.00. Who can beat that? We had really good seats, just right above the third base. Which I hate to admit, but, I need to sit close so that I can try and pay attention. haha

See how close we were, it was excellent!!!

Austin Earl eating the famous hotdog that one must have at a baseball game.
Sick...I never eat hotdogs, but Austin talked me into it saying that it is a tradition that you eat one when you go to a baseball game. Reminder...don't ever listen to husbands....it was nast!
The people behind us had never been to a baseball game and had no idea what was even going on. The guy next to them talked through the whole game telling them every detail of the game. It was a little obnoxioius, but I do have to say I learned a little bit about baseball that I wouldn't have ever known.


Brandon and Tenille said...

Nothings better than a good old baseball game I have yet to go here but we went to almost every home pardes game whenever we are in san diego love it....

The Henrie's said...

Hello there! I really miss you and your Mom- tell her Hi! I am sorry I missed you too! We will have to come out and see you soon- this time I will call before I come. Tell your Mom Hi!

Queen Mother said...

I was visiting Jared and Julie's blog, when I ran into your blog. We really appreciate Austin. Even when there is nothing to do, he keeps busy. You guys are a darling couple!