Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Merriest of Days

These two handsome guys right here make my life full of JOY!!!
Spending Christmas morning with the two of them is my very favorite part of Christmas.
Watching Austin be the cutest daddy with his boy melts my heart!!!
I couldn't be more happy in this moment then I am right now.
I have the two greatest boys in my life and my little princess girl on the way.
What else could a women want for Christmas?!?!

We had such a great day and I look forward to the many more beautiful Christmas' to come!

Christmas Eve

Christmas is always such a beautiful time of year.
We love spending time with family and getting together for all the parties, but mostly we are thankful for the birth of our Savior. We feel blessed to have the knowledge of him and are so greatful for all that he did for us.
On Christmas Eve we were with my family.
We sure missed Ryon and his family though.
With just Josh's family and mine, it feels kinda lonely.
But we sure make the best out of it and had a great time.
Raegan and Brody
This rocking horse has been around since my oldest brother was a baby, it is so cute now to see Brody loving it so much. He always wants to ride it when we go over to my parents.
Brody Boo in his Christmas Pj's
Brody was such a big helper this year unwrapping all the gifts with us.
He was in heaven playing with the paper and boxes.

Cute Pj's and one big belly. :)
Josh, Chelsea, Raegan and wild Wyatt.
Him and Brody were running around like crazy pants all night.

The big boys and the little boys were matching. SO CUTE!!!
Brody and Wyatt got some really cute Toy story
shake and go cars from Mamy and Poppy.
Brody LOVED them!!!
and these adorable spinny guys (don't know the name)
Him and Wyatt were lovin being up on the table showing us there spinning skills. haha :)
It was such a great night we had a blast. Thanks for everything!!!!

Grantsville Christmas

This year in Grantsville all the kids got to act out the nativity.
Even Brody got to be apart of the fun, he was a wiseman.

It was a little hard to keep him in his spot for longer than a half of a second.
My boy is wild and does not like to sit still. :)
He was suppose to bring baby Jesus Gold,
but thought that he might need to try it sure was yummy!

All the kids did so good remembering their lines.
Rylie even played the piano for us while we sang christmas songs in between acts.

Every year the kids go on an elf hunt throughout the house and find a gift at the end. This year we did it with lights off and they all got mini flashlights to help them find their way. It was so darling watching all the kids scamper throughout the house giggling.
Here they are with papa Jack reading them a clue.
Brody got a truck and a fun block toy that he fits puzzle pieces in.
They all Loved their gifts.
Thanks Nana and Papa Jack!
Brody and Austin playing with the new fun toy.
All the grandkids with their new christmas pj's on.

Brody is my Handsome little man!!!

Austin and Brody got to open up our fabulous gift from his parents. A grill for camping. We have been wanting one for awhile and were so excited to get it. Thanks you guys!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Concert of a lifetime


As long as I can remember,
I have been rocking out to the Judds with my mom.

She had them playing all the time, in the car, in the house, and especially on the boat. We use to lounge out on the back of the boat singing "I know where I'm goin...don't you wanna come to..." She went to all their concerts in the 80's and when they did their final concert in 1990,my dad took her so that she could sing her heart out one last time to her beloved Judds.

This year for Christmas I wanted to do something really special for my mom, not just some dumb gift she would forget about in a month. As luck would have it I was watching TV with Austin and saw a commercial for THE JUDDS coming to concert on December 9 for their final encore. I looked at Austin and said I HAVE to take her to that. I got on Saturday morning at 10 am as soon as I could buy them and got the best seats I could. I wasn't really sure where we were sitting because they didn't have a map attatched to look at, but I knew we were on the floor and that was exciting enough.

When we got there we were about 5 minutes late, because of traffic, and when we walked in they were already singing. My mom was so excited to hear them and started to cry as we were walking down the stairs to our seats. :)I handed the lady our tickets and she walked us over to our row.....that was right in front of the walkout part of the stage. WHAT??? We were both freaking out with excitement!!!! My mom about lost it as we sat down. She couldn't quit crying.....her Judds were right in front of her singing her very favorite songs. It was quite the moment to be apart of, to give her a present that she loved so much made me very happy and gave me the feeling that I succeded in giving her a gift that she would never forget.
I had to take a picture of her face. It was priceless. :)

They were so close to us, neither of us have ever sat this close in a concert. It is seriously the BEST way to enjoy it, you feel like they are performing just for you!!!

Even when they went to the back of the stage to perform instead of being out on the walkout ramp, they were still so close.

Wynonna was hilarious and had us cracking up the whole time.

We were in heaven the whole time,
singing our hearts out and rocking to the music.

There was a lot of mother daughter groups there enjoying the mother daughter duo.
It was pretty special to be apart of.
I had to add this pictures for my mom, I know she will get a kick out of it. We laughed the whole time at this lady, she was kiddy corner in front of us and would never sit down. She was jammin out and dancing with her glow sticks the ENTIRE time. Poor people behind and next to her. Really she was a crazy pants. haha
LOVED LOVED LOVED every minute of this concert.
They did so good and sang all the greatest songs.
When it was ending there was so many people around us crying, and of course my mom was included. :) I am so happy that she loved it as much as I did.
Merry Christmas mom!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

15 months

Brody had his 15 month check up a week ago.
He is growing great and is really healthy. What a blessing that is. He had to get 3 shots, but did really good, he only cried during it and as soon as he could sit up he just wanted some hugs and loving from mom but was a big boy and quite crying.
Height 35 inches 100%
Weight 29 pounds 92 %
Head 19.5 inches 96 %

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pictures of Mr. Handsome

Brody had 1 year old pictures taken that turned out so dang cute. I never got around to posting them, so here you go. Enjoy!!!!
This fabulous lady took them, go check out her website.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Bingham Family

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Sunday this year
so that we could all be with our in laws for the real day.
Ryon and his family even came in town,
which made our celebrating that much more fun!!!
The dinner table is always one of my favorite things to help my mom set.
It was extra pretty this year!!!
My cute little family!!!
My dad busting out his favorite electric knife to cut the turkey.
The 3 boys (Sawyer, Brody and Wyatt) getting ready to eat some yummies!!!
I love that they all have the same color of hair.
Such handsome little men.
Such great food! Yum Yum
After our Thanksgiving Dinner we bundled the kids and let them play in the snow.
This was Brody's first experience playing in it and he LOVED it!!!
He kept picking it up and mushing it in his hands,
he didn't quite get what it was.
He even took a couple of nibbles to see if it was tasty. :)
Play time is not just for the kids, the adults wanted in on the fun too!
Austin and Ryon were even whacking everyone with snowballs. haha
My boys playing
Mr. Snowman
The next day we got together and went sledding at a park nearby.
Of course I left my camera at my parents house
so I have no pictures of all the fun Brody Boo had, but just image in your head for now. :) I will steal pictures from my sister in law and post about it later.
After sledding we went back to the house and the boys headed down stairs for some x box playing and the girls made gingerbread houses that Chelsea made for us.
They smelt so delicious!
Here is our houses before
Chelsea making her house
Danie adding some cuteness to hers
My mom and I shared a house and did one together.
We had a blast making ours extra darling!!!

Our house complete
oh you stop it!!!!!
That is the cutest dang gingerbread house I have ever seen. :)
After our houses were all done and looking yummy, my parents gave the kids their presents. Every year at Thanksgiving, the kids get a christmas book from my parents.

Brody loved his little mouse!!!
He was even so excited that he was bouncing on his chair and fell off. haha
I think this is by far our most special gift from Grandma and Grandpa. It is the night before Christmas book that is read by my parents. Each page we turn, Brody gets so excited to hear their voices. Such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. THANK YOU!!! We will treasure it forever.
All through the house not a creature was sturring, not even a mouse. :)