Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas is always such a beautiful time of year.
We love spending time with family and getting together for all the parties, but mostly we are thankful for the birth of our Savior. We feel blessed to have the knowledge of him and are so greatful for all that he did for us.
On Christmas Eve we were with my family.
We sure missed Ryon and his family though.
With just Josh's family and mine, it feels kinda lonely.
But we sure make the best out of it and had a great time.
Raegan and Brody
This rocking horse has been around since my oldest brother was a baby, it is so cute now to see Brody loving it so much. He always wants to ride it when we go over to my parents.
Brody Boo in his Christmas Pj's
Brody was such a big helper this year unwrapping all the gifts with us.
He was in heaven playing with the paper and boxes.

Cute Pj's and one big belly. :)
Josh, Chelsea, Raegan and wild Wyatt.
Him and Brody were running around like crazy pants all night.

The big boys and the little boys were matching. SO CUTE!!!
Brody and Wyatt got some really cute Toy story
shake and go cars from Mamy and Poppy.
Brody LOVED them!!!
and these adorable spinny guys (don't know the name)
Him and Wyatt were lovin being up on the table showing us there spinning skills. haha :)
It was such a great night we had a blast. Thanks for everything!!!!

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CASEY & NICOLE said...

awe you guys are so cute! looks like you had a great christmas! we miss you guys, and I can't wait to see your little miss!!