Monday, June 30, 2008

Grandpa Nordberg

Last night my Grandpa Nordberg passed away. It doesn't matter how old someone is, you still never get over the fact that they are gone. My Grandpa was a great man and will be greatly missed. I have wonderful memories in my life because he was willing to spend time with his grandchildren and teach us the history of the world. He loved telling us stories about the war and show us all his memrobilia. He also use to take all the kids to Lake Powell every year and we would love playing in the water and sleeping on the top of "Lazy Livin" his house boat. Thank you for all you did for us! You were a great Grandpa and we will miss you dearly!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ryon came home!

This last weekend was great, we got to see Ryon and his family and celebrate fathers day with our dad. Ryon came in on Thursday night late, so on Friday after work we all went to the boys favorite restaraunt, famous daves and ate then all the boys went to wendover for an all nighter. They had a blast! They left our house at 10pm and got home at girls thought they were CRAZY! As soon as the boys left we all passed out. haha But all that matters is that they had fun...and didn't lose too much! Saturday and Sunday we played with the babies, ate, and laughed so hard we thought we would die. Fathers day was nice to spend with the boys and my dad! Monday was sad, the day they were going home, we all went to lunch then went to Cabelas to show the girls the fishies and the animals. Raegan was terrified of the animals on the mountain, she just wanted to hold her mama and not look at them. Kayla Starr loved the fish and kept pointing out weird things about the fish, like bumps and missing eyes, she is very observent. haha It was so nice to have Ryon, Danie and Kayla Starr come home for the weekend!!! Thanks guys!!!!!! We love and miss you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our wedding

For some reason I have been thinking of our wedding all day today and I feel the need to blog about it. haha I have to say first that I know that I am lucky and very blessed to have found Austin. Growing up I never believed in love at first sight or even the fact that there is a soul mate that could complete you. It all sounded a bit far fetched that in this huge world you are suppose to find the one person that completes your soul. But when the time came for me to meet my husband, I think that God wanted to prove his point to me that he has a hand in my life. The day Austin and I met (at a singles dance at the U of U)was the most humbling day for me. The moment I saw Austin I knew he and I had a connection, it was love at first sight. Both of us felt the overwhelming power pushing us to eachother. We dated for a year before we were married on April 16, 2005. We had so much fun getting to know eachother over that year we dated. I've never been happier in all me life. I know with all my heart that Austin is my soul mate.

Our wedding day was magical! I felt like I was in a dream, I couldn't help but stare at my Austin all day. I couldn't believe that we were finally getting married and that he was mine forever. Everything turned out perfect. Taking pictures on the temple grounds was so much fun for me because all of the flowers were out in full bloom. (I am a flower lover for those of you that don't know me well) And can I just say my BOUQUET....when my mom handed me my bouquet that she had made me, I was speechless, I had never in my life seen something so beautiful, probably because it was made with such love. Our reception was awesome, the table centerpieces were outstanding, the food was yummy and the set up of our cake, pictures, candy table, the dance floor was really so beautiful. Austin and I were overwhelmed by how sweet our families were to create such a great atmosphere for us. My mom is an amazing florist, so the flowers around the room were breathtaking.

It has been a little over 3 years now and I am more in love with Austin today then the day I married him, which I never thought that would be possible, I was pretty head over heels for him. :) We are best friends who love laughing and talking to eachother and we make a point of spending alot of time together so that we always remember how lucky we are to have eachother!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A day with the Allreds

We went to Lagoon yesterday with Austins family for Jacks work day at Lagoon. We had such a great time with the Family. Aaron came in town this weekend to visit, so everyone was able to be at Lagoon together, except Katie and the girls. Austin and I got there early in the morning when it was freezing. Seriously!!! It was raining and black clouds everywhere...we didn't think that it was going to be a very fun day. But, it turned out to be beautiful and not too hot. It was a great day and we loved spending time with the family. The new ride Wicked is Awesome. The line was long, but the ride was worth it. Good thing I took some Dramamine before we got to lagoon so that I could go on it. haha I am such a wuss! I get sick on everything but the pills really did work. It was great. Wicked was the fastest ride I've ever been takes your breath away.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Inside of the house

The Laundry room is pink and brown. I know that alot of men would not have been ok with pink in their house. But when you think about it, women are the ones that are in the laundry room the most, so I figured I could make it as girly as I please!
Our bedroom is my favorite room in the house. I love our beadboard walls with the brown above. This room makes me feel happy when I enter it and that is what I wanted it to do. Austin is very talented at building and doing finish work, so I love having him do special touches in our house that make it unique. How lucky am I to have such a sweet husband!?!
The den. This room was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be. I wallpapered the walls with textured wallpaper and then painted it tan. Then I aged it with a dark wood stain to make it look old and vintage. I thought it would probably only take a day or two.....not even close. But I think it turned out cute and we love it, so I guess I can't complain.
The bathroom on the main floor is black with white beardboard up toward the ceiling (another excellent choice of Austins). I was a little scared to paint walls black, but love it when I've seen it in other homes. So, I decided to be daring and figured it was just paint, I could always redo it. I ended up loving it and am glad i did it.
My mom was such a helper on the main floor. She helped me wallpaper, paint and assemble furniture in just 2 days. Austin , my dad, and brothers were in California on vacation and I wanted to get it all done for when Austin got home. It about kicked our butts staying up long hours, but we got it all done and Austin was thrilled when he got home.

Our house

I thought that today I would post pictures of our house. Austin and I started looking for a house last summer and after endlessly looking at old homes that needed way to much work done on them, we decided to do a townhouse. We found a spot in Herriman that we loved and got a place that was just framed. We were able to pick our own tile, carpet, cabinets, and paint. And it was all brand new. No having to deal with old stuff...that was our best thing! They told us that we could move in the middle of October and of course I was thrilled...I would be in for favorite! Well, we had never done the whole new house thing and didn't realize that usually the month they tell you you can move in is not usually true at all. We moved to our townhouse in January. Not so close to October...haha. But it was ok, we're finally here. It was a long wait to finally get in it, but well worth it. We love our house and neighborhood. We couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New baby in the Bingham family

Josh and Chelsea had a new baby boy named Wyatt on May 29, 2008. It is fun living so close to them that we were able to go to the hospital right after she had him and see him just minutes old. He is such a beautiful baby! His daddys twin but with dark hair and olive skin. He has a dimple in his right cheek, which is everyones favorite thing about cute Wyatt. He is Darling!!! I forget how tiny brand new babies are, they feel so fragile in your arms. I loved finally being able to hold him. All of our nieces and nephews are getting older and I forget how close you feel to the spirit when you hold a brand new child. What a great blessing it is to be able to create such a tiny precious baby.

Starting the blog

I have been told time after time that I need to start a blog for Austin and I. I never have because without kids our lives seem pretty boring. But with us both having a brother out of state and family we don't get to see all that often we decided now was the time. So hopefully our lifes seems some what exciting, enough that others will want to check in on us! Enjoy!!!