Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our house

I thought that today I would post pictures of our house. Austin and I started looking for a house last summer and after endlessly looking at old homes that needed way to much work done on them, we decided to do a townhouse. We found a spot in Herriman that we loved and got a place that was just framed. We were able to pick our own tile, carpet, cabinets, and paint. And it was all brand new. No having to deal with old stuff...that was our best thing! They told us that we could move in the middle of October and of course I was thrilled...I would be in for favorite! Well, we had never done the whole new house thing and didn't realize that usually the month they tell you you can move in is not usually true at all. We moved to our townhouse in January. Not so close to October...haha. But it was ok, we're finally here. It was a long wait to finally get in it, but well worth it. We love our house and neighborhood. We couldn't be happier!

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