Friday, June 20, 2008

Ryon came home!

This last weekend was great, we got to see Ryon and his family and celebrate fathers day with our dad. Ryon came in on Thursday night late, so on Friday after work we all went to the boys favorite restaraunt, famous daves and ate then all the boys went to wendover for an all nighter. They had a blast! They left our house at 10pm and got home at girls thought they were CRAZY! As soon as the boys left we all passed out. haha But all that matters is that they had fun...and didn't lose too much! Saturday and Sunday we played with the babies, ate, and laughed so hard we thought we would die. Fathers day was nice to spend with the boys and my dad! Monday was sad, the day they were going home, we all went to lunch then went to Cabelas to show the girls the fishies and the animals. Raegan was terrified of the animals on the mountain, she just wanted to hold her mama and not look at them. Kayla Starr loved the fish and kept pointing out weird things about the fish, like bumps and missing eyes, she is very observent. haha It was so nice to have Ryon, Danie and Kayla Starr come home for the weekend!!! Thanks guys!!!!!! We love and miss you!


Tawny said...

Missing eyes?! Creepy!! Glad you had fun...nieces and nephews are the best!

TeriLyn said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I can't believe they pulled an all-nighter and went to Wendover. That is hilarious!