Monday, April 26, 2010

Graduation Party

Austin Parents had a Graduation Party for Austin in their backyard.
It was such a blast!!!
They decorated it sooo cute and the food was extra yummy.
Thanks everyone for loving Austin so much
and for helping us celebrate this wonderful part of his life.

Chelsea, Me, Ashton, Brody and Brecken
Grandpa Dick, Grandma Shirley, Kadee and Briggs

Kami and Paige
My Parents
Me and the Brodster
All the guys playing some Basketball.
Congrats Austin Earl!!!!!
Brody Boo
Austin, Doug, Bubba, and Jack
Kadee, Andrew and baby Briggs
And after a long night of partying, the kids got to hop around in the hot tub.


Austin is officialy done with school.
Graduation on friday was so special. It was fun seeing him recieve his diploma, and knowing that all his hard work had finally paid off. Good Job Aust!!!

Mr. Handsome with his honor cords (which means he is super smarty) and his hard hat.

All of the teachers came in with their graduation gowns and lined up on both sides to greet the graduates as they came in.

Brody was lovin the tassel, we could not get him to look at the camera, he just wanted to attack the hat and get the tassel in his mouth.
Look at Brody's face, haha, so funny!!
He finally got the tassel and was squeezing the life out of it.
Austin and Brody were my little twiners with their white shirts and matching ties. So cute!!!
Austin and his friends.
These boys have went to school with eachother for the last couple of years.

Our little Family
Austins Parents
My Parents
All the Constuction guys had their hard hats on during graduation, it was really cute to see all the way up in the stands, you could definetly see were they were sitting.

Austin receiving his diploma
All the Constuction Management Graduates

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Austin Earl
is Graduating from
Weber State University
on Friday April 23, 2010
with his bachelors in Construction Management.
After many years of hard work and long hours of studying it is finally here,
Graduation day!!!!!
He is so excited to be done.
Congrats Austin we are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished!!!!

Fish and Frogs

A couple of weeks ago, my mom, Chelsea, me and the kiddlets went to the

Living Planet Aquarium.

We had so much fun!!! Brody was so excited about all the fish swimming by the glass, he was kicking and screaming with excitement. They also have new penguins there that are absolutely adorable and the kids loved them. I had such a great time that I bought Austin, Brody and I season passes. Love Love Love it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sun bathing

Finally....we got some warm weather!!!!!
And we were taking full advantage of it. Brody and all his little cousins splashed in the pool and soaked up some sun. It was such a beautiful day on Sunday!
To bad this week is going to be cold and rainy.
Rain Rain go away, keep being sunny everyday!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Speaking of bath time.... Here is my little lovey right out of the bath,
wrapped up tight in his adorable towel made by his crafty Auntie Chelsea.
You want one? You can find them here


One of my favorite things
I have fallen in love with bath time with Brody,
he is so fun to watch play with all of his toys and pick up the bubbles and stare at them.
He laughs and giggles and squeezes his fish, life is good for this little man.

Is there anything better than a baby fresh out of the tub?
I love his soft naked skin smelling so yummy. I always give him a little massage with baby lotion, get him in pjs and cuddle him until its time for bed.
Definitely a favorite!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Brody's First Easter
There is a tradition in my family that my mom started, she made all of us Easter baskets that looked like bunnies and now all of us kids have made one for our babies. It is so much fun to see a fun tradition like this continuing. Thanks mom!
The easter bunny came in the morning and left Brody boo
lots of fun toys, books and bubbles!
He mostly just wanted to attack the bunny basket that I made him.
He loved the cheeks. haha

My Handsome boys
Brody and Daddy had twin shirts on, they looked so dang cute!!!!!
Poppy and his boys that can't get enough of him.

We had such a wonderful Easter this year with our little man.

Friday, April 2, 2010

7 months

7 things Brody is doing this month
1. Sits up all by himself
2. Rocks back and forth on his hands and knees
3. Touches peoples faces when they hold him
trying to figure out as much as he can about them
4.Has 1 tooth on the bottom
5. Stands for a few seconds when holding onto the table
6. Wears 12-18 months clothes
7.Learning how to drink out of a sippy cup