Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Brody's First Easter
There is a tradition in my family that my mom started, she made all of us Easter baskets that looked like bunnies and now all of us kids have made one for our babies. It is so much fun to see a fun tradition like this continuing. Thanks mom!
The easter bunny came in the morning and left Brody boo
lots of fun toys, books and bubbles!
He mostly just wanted to attack the bunny basket that I made him.
He loved the cheeks. haha

My Handsome boys
Brody and Daddy had twin shirts on, they looked so dang cute!!!!!
Poppy and his boys that can't get enough of him.

We had such a wonderful Easter this year with our little man.


jessica.emily.adams said...

Love the bunny basket idea! Brody is getting so big and he's such a handsome little boy!

Seth and Shayla said...

The easter basket is so dang cute I love that idea. brody is getting so big

Andrew and Kadee said...

Brody is getting HUGE.I can't wait to see you guys. I love the Easter basket so stinkin cute.

CASEY & NICOLE said...

That is the cutest basket ever! I want to make one! You guys are all darling in your matching outfits! And of course, I always love that Brody boy!