Monday, April 12, 2010


One of my favorite things
I have fallen in love with bath time with Brody,
he is so fun to watch play with all of his toys and pick up the bubbles and stare at them.
He laughs and giggles and squeezes his fish, life is good for this little man.

Is there anything better than a baby fresh out of the tub?
I love his soft naked skin smelling so yummy. I always give him a little massage with baby lotion, get him in pjs and cuddle him until its time for bed.
Definitely a favorite!


Seth and Shayla said...

so cute I love both time to especially for redding because he likes about an hour to an hour and a half bath tubs.

Rachel said...

It would be SO EASY to fall in love with that little face. I love clean babies. He's a doll face.

The Bingham's said...

He is so cute! I love that little frog covering the nob!! MMMMMM I love the smells of baby right out of the tub too, I can honestly smell him right now!! Love you guys!!

The Bingham's said...

oh and P.S. you are a darling mom!!