Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day!

Yesterday was so fun to celebrated Fathers Day with my dad, my brother and my husband, soon to be daddy of Mr. Brody! Wish Ryon could have been there with us, we're always missing him. We had a yummy BBQ then played Crochet, and my dad won every game, I think he is the most excellent at crochet or maybe we were just going easy on him so that he could win and boost his pride for Fathers day! haha :) It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday and couldn't have been better for these handsome men.

I have a Father who has been so involved in mine and my brothers lifes. He always planned fun trips for us to go on, provided very well for us and never missed seeing us at what we were involved in, he makes us laugh and couldn't be a greater Grandpa, the babies all LOVE him to pieces! Thanks Dad for helping us become who we are today!
I married the most loving and handsome guy I know! He is the man of my dreams and I couldn't be any happier then I am right now with him by my side. I already know that he is going to be a great example to our little Brody and that he will teach him all he needs to know. Brody is one lucky little boy to have Austin as his dad and best friend!
I couldn't Love my father in Law more. He is a great man and has always worked hard for his family. He is kind and loving and has always treated me like I belong with their family. I respect him so much and can't thank him enough for raising Austin into such a wonderful man. I can't wait for Brody to have papa Jack in his life! Thanks for everything!!!

Happy Fathers Day!!!!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

28 weeks

Yesterday was my 28 week appointment. This is the time when all women have the gestational diabeties test. In the morning I had to drink this super strong, carbonated orange drink in 5 minutes, wait an hour then have my blood drawn to see if I have diabeties. I think they get my test results back today, so I am hoping that I passed because I don't want to have to do the 3 hour test, my Doc says that one is evil. No thank you!!!
My Doctor Appointment couldn't have gone better. I am measuring 30 weeks, 2 weeks ahead of my due date, this is great news the doctor says because I have been measuring 2 weeks ahead every time I go in. Which means Brody is growing great! He thinks he could come a little bit earlier then we are thinking....fine with me, if I get to see my baby in 10 weeks I will be thrilled!!!!!!
I am feeling fabulous! I couldn't LOVE being pregnant more. I hope all my pregnancies are this easy, if they are I might think about have 10 kids......haha, ya right! But seriously I am loving the belly and loving feeling this guy in me move all day long!!!!

28 weeks and 3 days

Monday, June 8, 2009

wedding season

Saturday was a really busy day at work for me. I love wedding season for that reason, I like having a hustle and bustle atmosphere and a rush to get something done on time. It is so fun to create and make things beautiful and in the end have the bride be pleased with her wedding. Its a very rewarding job, I love it!!!!! Here is one of the weddings that we did. It turned out really cute!
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sneek peek of the room

I went shopping with my mom a few months ago at Babinskis in Salt Lake, they had this darling Giraffe that was 4 feet tall but way pricey and I FELL IN LOVE!!!! Ever since then I have really been wanting one for Brody's room but everywhere I looked was way too expensive. Giraffes are my very favorite animal and I wanted to have a large one in his animal themed room. The other day I went up to my moms and there she had a giant Giraffe just for Brody that she had found for a screamin good deal. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I think it makes his room!!!

I will post more pictures when I get my Glider and the pictures hung up on the walls!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Smarty Pants

Today I want to brag about my husband! He would be sooooo embarassed if he knew I was doing this, but its my blog, so I do what I want. :) EVERY semester of college Austin has recieved the honor award for getting a 3.5 GPA or higher. Let me just say he has extremely tuff classes too and he gets a 3.9 or 4.0 every time. How does he do it!?! I'm really hopeing Brody gets his smarts from his dad. Austin is such a hard worker and spends all his extra time studying. He works full time (8-5), then heads to school right after and usually is there until 8 or 9, then he comes home and studies for an hour and all weekend. Sad for me.....I feel like I never see him, I can't wait until school is done and gone forever! But he enjoys learning as is really good at it, so one last time I just have to say.....CONGRATS SMARTY PANTS!!!!!
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