Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Shower at Work

Yesterday the Girls at work gave me and Brody a baby shower!

Kathy, me and Stephanie
These are the darling girls that planned the whole thing.
Me, My mom, Jessica and Brittany

The party favors

I got so many wonderful things for my baby, everyone spoiled me.
I can't wait until Brody gets here so that I can bust them out and use them.

DeDe made me a car seat cover that I ADORE!

Thanks you girls for making my day so much fun yesterday!!!!

The 24th weekend

On Friday the 24th Austin and I had the whole day off of work. ya hoo!!!! We had a BBQ with my family and watched Fireworks in the driveway.

Austin was our lighter!

My dad and mom, Wyatt and me sat and enjoyed the fountains.

Chelsea, Josh and Raegan
Austin and I showing off our amazing dance skills with sparklers! :)

The next day on Saturday we went to the Bees game with Austins whole family, Grandparents, Aunt and Uncles, Cousins, Brothers and Sisters, and all the kiddlets. We had so much fun!!!!!

Austins Dad Jack turned 59 on Sunday!!!! We headed out to Grantsville and had a birthday party for him.

We love Jack so much and are greatful we live close enough to see him as often as we do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!!!!!

Austin, Bubba (Aaric), Jack, Kadee, and Kami

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dress up

Austin and I went to my friends wedding on Wednesday at the Grand America. They had this photo both with dress up clothing so that you could take a picture and leave it in a book for the bride and groom and keep one for yourself. It was such a cute idea, I have never been to a wedding that had this. We had fun picking out our attire, The devil horns fit Austin all too well. haha He's such a good sport!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

34 weeks

Austin and I went to the doctor yesterday to see how are cute baby is doing and GROWING! He is still huge and making mommy very uncomfortable...especially at night and when I have to use the restroom and he starts wiggling. I am still measuring 2 weeks ahead, so the Doc wants to do an ultasound on August 12 to see the weight of the baby and make a plan on when I am exactly due with Mr. Brody. I am still in Love with my babies heart beat, it really is the best sound in the world. That is the most exciting thing about going to the doctors!!!! I go again in 2 weeks and that is when he is going to start checking if I am dialated or thinned out. I really can't believe how fast pregnancy has gone, its weird to me that I am already at this point of going every 2 weeks, then weekly. I guess that means one thing, Mr. Brody is on his way!!!!!!!

34 weeks

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brody's Bedroom

Austin hung Brody's pictures my mom painted him on Saturday. I absolutely LOVE them! They made his room so much cuter. Thought you might want to check it out!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brody's Baby Shower!!!

Tuesday Night July 14 Brody and I got a Baby Shower at my moms house.
Hosted by my mother, Jessica Lund my friend, and Chelsea Bingham my sister in law

Welcome to the cutest dang shower you've ever seen!
Good Job Girls! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lion cupcakes were at every place setting, the diaper cake was made by Chelsea, and here is Me and Austin's newborn pictures and the 3D image of Brody

My mom made a sign in book to remember all my guests and put pictures of the shower.
It is so dang cute!!!!!

The tables were all set with orange and yellow table wear. The vases have big fluffy gerbers that look like lion manes.

The backyard of my moms house is so pretty it was the perfect spot for a shower, especially one as cute as this!!!

The invitations for the shower, a baby sign for Brody, and cookies and a cake from Carrie Biggers, famous cake decorater. Yummy!!!!

The lion cake and the buffet! It really was the most yummy food! All of my favorite things. Am I spoiled or what!?!?
Chelsea Bingham, Me, my mom, Jessica Lund, and Ashley Taylor

My parents!

Austins family, Debbie my mother in law, me, Paige sister in law and Kami Austin's older sister.

Me and my prego friend McCall, we have one week apart due dates! Yay for babies!!!!! And Ashley my other darling friend.

Austin Earl and me. My mom with my friend Sams twins (could they get any cuter???) and Me and Austin with his mom, Debbie.

Good Friends Sam, me, Nicole and Mandy

And to top off the best night ever, everyone SPOILED Brody with all sorts of wonderful gifts!
Thanks everyone for loving me and my baby! I had so much fun laughing, talking, eating, and opening gifts with all of you. THANK YOU!!!!
Chelsea made me a Diaper bag that I Love!!!!!!
My mom, ms. talented beyond measures,
hand painted pictures for Brody's Nursery!