Monday, July 27, 2009

Dress up

Austin and I went to my friends wedding on Wednesday at the Grand America. They had this photo both with dress up clothing so that you could take a picture and leave it in a book for the bride and groom and keep one for yourself. It was such a cute idea, I have never been to a wedding that had this. We had fun picking out our attire, The devil horns fit Austin all too well. haha He's such a good sport!


The Ekins said...

How fun!!! Your friends have the cutest ideas and you fit in so well with all your darling ideas!! Can't wait until your planning my girls weddings, I know its far away but you are our wedding planner so put us on your waiting list!!!!!!!

~Jake and Brianna~ said...

Hey, Chelsi! This is Brianna (Mortensen) Isaacson, and I found your cute blog on TeriLyn's blog list. I've loved your pictures - I'm due a few weeks after you, so it is so nice to see another pregnant person. You make pregnancy look glamourous!

I have a crazy question for you . . . where did you get that white shirt with the cute sleeves you wore at your baby shower (under the other very cute black tank top)? The length is perfect and I've been searching for one exactly like it. If you could jump on my blog and divulge your secret, I would greatly appreciate it!

It was good to see what is going on with you! You look wonderful!

Seth and Shayla said...

that is so fun, you are looking just adorable I am a little jelouse haha. not to much longer for you to go it is almost august hang in there

The Bingham Family said...

"ooh la la, Chelsi!! Austin is cutie with little horns!"-Kayla
You both are so cute and I must say pregnancy is looking fabulous on you!! I love to see how big Mr. Brody is getting. Love you!!!