Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Shower at Work

Yesterday the Girls at work gave me and Brody a baby shower!

Kathy, me and Stephanie
These are the darling girls that planned the whole thing.
Me, My mom, Jessica and Brittany

The party favors

I got so many wonderful things for my baby, everyone spoiled me.
I can't wait until Brody gets here so that I can bust them out and use them.

DeDe made me a car seat cover that I ADORE!

Thanks you girls for making my day so much fun yesterday!!!!


The Henrie's said...

That was soo much fun! I had such a great time- I hope you did too!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

yay for another fun baby shower for you! isn't it the best! you are always looking so cute girl! hope we can all hang out soon again!

Queen Mother said...

It was great seeing you last week! Your 3D ultra sound is amazing! Brody is darling! Loved the cheerling pictures on the 24th! BLACKMAIL!!!

Paige said...

Such fun cute stuff!! can't wait to see this spoiled little boy and all the fun new gear!! and I borrowed a few pictures off your blog for mine from the bees game...hope ya don't mind!