Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grantsville Christmas

This year we celebrated Christmas on December 30 out in Grantsville. Austins brother Aaron and his family came home for the holidays, so we waited for them to have our christmas party. It was such a fun night, we always love being together as a family. It makes parties special to have everyone there.

To start the party off right Nana has an elf hunt. The girls put on elf or santa hats and the boys get reindeer antlers. They get soooo excited for this tradition.
All the kids listening to the plan for them to find their hidden presents from the elfs.
Skylar and Alayna found some good stuff under the tree.
Davin and Tate found some remote control cars. Awesome!
After all the kids had found their suprises, Rylie played us a christmas song on the piano while Ashton sang it to us up on the fireplace.
Then, Ashton and Brecken played a little number.
All the little girls got princess crowns and wands.
All 11 of the grandkids in their pj's waiting to go upstair to open up more gifts.
patiently waiting!

Austin Earl and myself.
Austins family.
Austin, Bubba, mom, dad, Kami, Kadee, and Aaron.
We had such a great time this holiday season. We love all the parties and the fun time that we have with our family. We are sooooo glad that Aaron and Katie came home to celebrate christmas with us, it wouldn't have been the same without them.
Merry Christmas our cute family!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to my MOM!!!

My Mother had a birthday on December 28. We went over and got to celebrate her all day! We had spaghetti and breadstick, then she got to blow out her candles atop cupcakes, her favorite. They were especially delicious, white cake, chocolate frosting and peppermint crushed on top. YUMMY!!! After opening up presents we went downstairs and watched Ryon play football.....and he won!!!! It was a very good present for my mom! She was thrilled!


Raegan got to help grandma blow out her candles!

Treats and a movie, can't beat that!

Christmas Night

On Christmas night we went over to my parents and opened up gifts. We always get spoiled and get way too much. We LOVED everything that we got! We love being together and celebrating and eating!!!! :) It was a very fun night for everyone!
The boys LOVE playing XBOX
opening up gifts. P.S. I love snowflakes!
Austin getting some smelly good stuff
My parents, Raegan and of course Lulu
my mom and her best friend Lulu
Wyatt enjoys the wrapping even more then the presents. haha
Josh and Chels helping Raegan open up all her books!

Friday, January 2, 2009


After Austin and I played with our toys we went over to see what Raegan and Wyatt got from Santa. When we went to leave our house I opened the garage and we had about 3 to 4 feet of snow on our road by our garage. I said to Austin I think that we are snowed in. He replies, Hunny...we have a 4 wheel drive car, we don't get snowed in. So I got in the car and as soon as we backed up just enough to be out side we were stuck, no going forward or backwards. So much for the 4 wheel drive. Good thing there was a guy out plowing, he came over and had to yank us out with his truck. The snow was insane everywhere. Driving to Josh and Chelsea's there was cars stuck all over the roads and the cars that had parked on the street at night were burried, good luck on that one!

Raegan got so many darling things, I loved playing with her and all her toys. Kids just make life more fun!!!!
Me and my mother

Josh out snowblowing !
Raegans tinkerbell cafe. So CUTE!!!
We didn't get to see what santa brought all our nieces and nephews. Dang it! We wish they all lived as close as Raegan and Wyatt. But we heard that Santa found them all too and that they got many wonderful things!

Santa Found Us!!!!

Christmas morning is always so much fun! Even being an adult and wrapping all the gifts myself I still get excited waking up and knowing that it is Christmas! I love getting Austin up and running downstairs to open presents, I love to see the reaction on Austins face when he opens up gifts, especially this year. He got some REALLY good stuff. haha The best one of all was the XBOX that he has been begging for the whole time we have been married. He couldn't believe that I finally got one for him. We had fun playing that all morning.
The kittys LOVE christmas too!!!
I got a really cute umbrella, hey look it matches my chair.

My Austin Earl is my favorite gift of ALL!!! He just needs to wrap a bow around himself every year, I don't really need the gifts, just kisses from my lovie!!!!
Coco loved hiding behind the gifts all season while they've been under the tree, she couldn't quite figure out where the heck they all went.
Sparky about fell asleep while I was taking this picture, he has a hard time keeping his eyes open, he loves to sleep ALL day. oh, to be a cat!
Austin and I ROCKIN our new guitar hero! Yeah, we're pretty much awesome!