Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grantsville Christmas

This year we celebrated Christmas on December 30 out in Grantsville. Austins brother Aaron and his family came home for the holidays, so we waited for them to have our christmas party. It was such a fun night, we always love being together as a family. It makes parties special to have everyone there.

To start the party off right Nana has an elf hunt. The girls put on elf or santa hats and the boys get reindeer antlers. They get soooo excited for this tradition.
All the kids listening to the plan for them to find their hidden presents from the elfs.
Skylar and Alayna found some good stuff under the tree.
Davin and Tate found some remote control cars. Awesome!
After all the kids had found their suprises, Rylie played us a christmas song on the piano while Ashton sang it to us up on the fireplace.
Then, Ashton and Brecken played a little number.
All the little girls got princess crowns and wands.
All 11 of the grandkids in their pj's waiting to go upstair to open up more gifts.
patiently waiting!

Austin Earl and myself.
Austins family.
Austin, Bubba, mom, dad, Kami, Kadee, and Aaron.
We had such a great time this holiday season. We love all the parties and the fun time that we have with our family. We are sooooo glad that Aaron and Katie came home to celebrate christmas with us, it wouldn't have been the same without them.
Merry Christmas our cute family!!!!


Doug and Kami said...

My email is thanks soooooo much. I had to post random pics because its all I had. thanks!!!!

Conradblogfamily said...

It looks like you two had better have some boys!!!!:) Looks like you all had a blast! Wish we could of seen everyone!

Tawny said...

Those elf outfits are the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!! So fun!

P.S. I'm in on the February dinner...Just let me know the date! xoxo!

Lindsay Bunker said...

Cute blog you guys! I love it, I hope your 2009 is going great!

Jessica Emily said...

Hey you guys this is Jessica and Justin Adams (from the ward if that doesn't sound familiar)! We just found your blog today!

We hope everything is great with you!!!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

Chelsi! You guys are soo cute! It was so much fun hanging out with everyone last night! We need to do that a lot more often!