Friday, January 2, 2009


After Austin and I played with our toys we went over to see what Raegan and Wyatt got from Santa. When we went to leave our house I opened the garage and we had about 3 to 4 feet of snow on our road by our garage. I said to Austin I think that we are snowed in. He replies, Hunny...we have a 4 wheel drive car, we don't get snowed in. So I got in the car and as soon as we backed up just enough to be out side we were stuck, no going forward or backwards. So much for the 4 wheel drive. Good thing there was a guy out plowing, he came over and had to yank us out with his truck. The snow was insane everywhere. Driving to Josh and Chelsea's there was cars stuck all over the roads and the cars that had parked on the street at night were burried, good luck on that one!

Raegan got so many darling things, I loved playing with her and all her toys. Kids just make life more fun!!!!
Me and my mother

Josh out snowblowing !
Raegans tinkerbell cafe. So CUTE!!!
We didn't get to see what santa brought all our nieces and nephews. Dang it! We wish they all lived as close as Raegan and Wyatt. But we heard that Santa found them all too and that they got many wonderful things!

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The Ekins said...

She is so cute! It was great seeing you guys this past week!! Have a Happy New Year!!!