Friday, January 2, 2009

Santa Found Us!!!!

Christmas morning is always so much fun! Even being an adult and wrapping all the gifts myself I still get excited waking up and knowing that it is Christmas! I love getting Austin up and running downstairs to open presents, I love to see the reaction on Austins face when he opens up gifts, especially this year. He got some REALLY good stuff. haha The best one of all was the XBOX that he has been begging for the whole time we have been married. He couldn't believe that I finally got one for him. We had fun playing that all morning.
The kittys LOVE christmas too!!!
I got a really cute umbrella, hey look it matches my chair.

My Austin Earl is my favorite gift of ALL!!! He just needs to wrap a bow around himself every year, I don't really need the gifts, just kisses from my lovie!!!!
Coco loved hiding behind the gifts all season while they've been under the tree, she couldn't quite figure out where the heck they all went.
Sparky about fell asleep while I was taking this picture, he has a hard time keeping his eyes open, he loves to sleep ALL day. oh, to be a cat!
Austin and I ROCKIN our new guitar hero! Yeah, we're pretty much awesome!

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The Ekins said...

Doug is getting guitar hero for our wii so we will practice and take you guys on!!!!