Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to my moms house for a party. It is always so much fun getting together and celebrating the birth of christ. It is a very special time of year to spend with those we love and cherish all that we have. I am so glad that we were able to get together as a family, we miss Ryon and his family though. Wish they could be with us.

Grandma Nordberg even came to our party and celebrated with us!
The grandbabies LOVE their mamma, she always make the world seem magical to them.

Josh, Dad and Austin. Its funny the women make the food and the men always flock to it. Its just so delicious, who could resist!

LuLu (my moms dog) was given the max costume from the grinch for Christmas from Diva (Ryon and Danies dog). Isn't it funny!!!
We were getting ready to open the first gift of christmas so that we could watch polar express in comfort.
Oh....our pjs are so cutie!
mom, Chelsea, Raegan and Me.

Snuggled up for the polar express!!!

My darling family!


Keelee & Jackson said...

Ummm okay, that't the cutest Christmas tradition I have ever heard of.... I LOVE you guys!!

Rachel said...

I love that you all have matching pajamas...our family did that last year. Don't you love being in a family that does such cute, memorable things? Hope you two had a great Christmas!

Brandon and Tenille said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the pjs so cute....

Conradblogfamily said...

So good to see you guys...we never meet up when we're out. Just for the record we were all cheerin' for the CHARGERS yesterday....even though we are from bronco land! Ryon kicked butt! So glad we can stay in touch and see pictures! Take care and have a Happy New Year!

Jen said...

Hey Chels! I found your blog on Shaylas site--hope you don't care if I add you to our blog list! You guys are so cute! Hope your doing great!

Doug and Kami said...

Your family is so darling! Isn't is great to have both families close enough that you can share special times together with both. I feel its a great blessing, I would hate to have to choose. Can't wait to see you guys!