Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am so thankful for my family and for all the memories that we have made together. I had such a fun time this weekend being with everyone, I wish that we could do it more often, but I love the moments that we do get and am so grateful to have been able to go to San Diego and hang out with my cute family for a few days. Love you guys!!!!

THE x Box never got a rest with these
boys playing every waking moment.

The girls are a little obsessed with Austin and want him doing everything they do. It is so dang cute! And he is such a good sport, nice headband babe! haha The girls got to play the elephant game with poppy, and after a long day of playing hard, a nap was much needed!!!

We got to have our first Thanksgiving as a family ALL together since I was in middle school. We had so much fun cooking together and eating all of our yummy food. I hope that we can do this again!

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