Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gingerbread houses!

All the girls made Gingerbread houses together while the boys went golfing. It was fun being together and the little girls loved eating all the candy..I mean helping make the houses pretty. :)
Raegan Helping Grandma with her house.

Kayla Starr showing the cookie that me and her were going to ice, right before she bit it. hehe

I forgot to get a picture at the end when we finished our masterpieces. But I am sure that you can all just imagine how lovely they were. :)


Tawny said...

Whatever! Gingerbread houses are so freakin' hard to make and look at your masterpieces! I feel like such a Martha Stewart failure!

McCall said...

You're nieces are such dolls! You better get started're bebe's will be cutie!!!