Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Bingham Family

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Sunday this year
so that we could all be with our in laws for the real day.
Ryon and his family even came in town,
which made our celebrating that much more fun!!!
The dinner table is always one of my favorite things to help my mom set.
It was extra pretty this year!!!
My cute little family!!!
My dad busting out his favorite electric knife to cut the turkey.
The 3 boys (Sawyer, Brody and Wyatt) getting ready to eat some yummies!!!
I love that they all have the same color of hair.
Such handsome little men.
Such great food! Yum Yum
After our Thanksgiving Dinner we bundled the kids and let them play in the snow.
This was Brody's first experience playing in it and he LOVED it!!!
He kept picking it up and mushing it in his hands,
he didn't quite get what it was.
He even took a couple of nibbles to see if it was tasty. :)
Play time is not just for the kids, the adults wanted in on the fun too!
Austin and Ryon were even whacking everyone with snowballs. haha
My boys playing
Mr. Snowman
The next day we got together and went sledding at a park nearby.
Of course I left my camera at my parents house
so I have no pictures of all the fun Brody Boo had, but just image in your head for now. :) I will steal pictures from my sister in law and post about it later.
After sledding we went back to the house and the boys headed down stairs for some x box playing and the girls made gingerbread houses that Chelsea made for us.
They smelt so delicious!
Here is our houses before
Chelsea making her house
Danie adding some cuteness to hers
My mom and I shared a house and did one together.
We had a blast making ours extra darling!!!

Our house complete
oh you stop it!!!!!
That is the cutest dang gingerbread house I have ever seen. :)
After our houses were all done and looking yummy, my parents gave the kids their presents. Every year at Thanksgiving, the kids get a christmas book from my parents.

Brody loved his little mouse!!!
He was even so excited that he was bouncing on his chair and fell off. haha
I think this is by far our most special gift from Grandma and Grandpa. It is the night before Christmas book that is read by my parents. Each page we turn, Brody gets so excited to hear their voices. Such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. THANK YOU!!! We will treasure it forever.
All through the house not a creature was sturring, not even a mouse. :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

The cold months

I can already tell that winter is going to be LONG.
My little man is a totally outdoor lover and little explorer.
The last couple of days have been extra cold, but he goes to the door everyday and knocks on it, turns around and looks at me and says mom!
I tried going out and bundling him in a coat, hat and gloves, but seriously within 10 minutes the herriman wind (that will NEVER stop) had us both freezing with red noses.
So I figure we will be mostly indoor bodies for the winter, hybernating from the freeze. Especially when our new little one gets here, we definetly will not be going out.
But that means one thing.........major messes from Brody Boo. If I do not have him glued to my lap reading, he is about the house exploring every nook and cranny.

But Messes and ALL

I couldn't LOVE this little man more!!!!!!
Happy Winter to all of you!!!
Hopefully you can stay nice and warm.

Monday, November 1, 2010


CUTEST little puppy
Handsome daddy and his little man

Josh and Chelsea had a bunch of family over to their house for Halloween.
They got all dressed up as bugs,
Raegan-Butterfly, Wyatt-spider, Josh-Fly, Chelsea-Bee.

Wyatt and Brody Boo going trick or treating.
We only went out for a little bit, it was super freezing and rainy. But we had a great time at Josh and Chelseas eating yummy food and partying the night away.

Grantsville Halloween Shindig

On Friday October 29, we headed out to Grantsville fot the Allreds Annual Halloween Party. They rent out a bowling ally and everyone brings yummy food and plays the night away. They even have a costume contest and Austin and I are proud to say that we won for the 2nd year in a row. :)

2010 Best Family Costumes
Kami and Doug with all their kiddos as the Scuby doo Clan

Bubba and the 3 oldest kids.
Paige and Crew were at home.

Cousins and Aunt and Uncles having a great time.

Kadee and Andrew and their 2 kids were also Scuby doo characters.

Nana and Papa Jack as Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf.
Don't they look great???