Friday, November 19, 2010

The cold months

I can already tell that winter is going to be LONG.
My little man is a totally outdoor lover and little explorer.
The last couple of days have been extra cold, but he goes to the door everyday and knocks on it, turns around and looks at me and says mom!
I tried going out and bundling him in a coat, hat and gloves, but seriously within 10 minutes the herriman wind (that will NEVER stop) had us both freezing with red noses.
So I figure we will be mostly indoor bodies for the winter, hybernating from the freeze. Especially when our new little one gets here, we definetly will not be going out.
But that means one thing.........major messes from Brody Boo. If I do not have him glued to my lap reading, he is about the house exploring every nook and cranny.

But Messes and ALL

I couldn't LOVE this little man more!!!!!!
Happy Winter to all of you!!!
Hopefully you can stay nice and warm.

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