Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Easter Bunny

hopped into our house on Sunday morning, he brought us toys, new church clothes and many yummy things for us to snack on.

Brody even got a bubble gun!!! YAY!!! His new favorite toy to play with.

(it lasted about 1 hour then it quit working, what the heck bunny)

Brooklyn loved her new toys

but mostly just wanted to feel how soft her bunnies ears were. :)
We had a such a fun morning with the kids, they make holidays even more special!!!!

We hope that Mr. Bunny found you too!!!

Happy Easter

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Miss

This little girl is always surrounded by trucks from her brother.

He drives all around her making sure that she can see how cool his toys are.

I don't think she minds it a bit, in fact, I think she loves the attention that Brody gives her.

The louder she squels the faster he drives the cars around her.

Its pretty hysterical to watch.

Brooklyn is also been loving the bouncer. I just put her in it the other day to see what she would think. I always feel bad for her when she is laying on the floor, so now she can sit in her bouncer and watch what we are doing. She doesn't really understand it. She will be sitting still when all of a sudden she moves her foot and it bounces her. She gets all wide eyed and smiles. She doesn't know what just happened, but she likes it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brooklyn's Blessing

On Sunday April 10 Brooklyn Rose was Blessed by her Daddy.

It was a beautiful blessing, one that made everyone get a little teared up.

Austin did such an amazing job.

It is so special for me to hear him bless our children, I am greatful that he is able to give them such a gift in their lives.

We had a little brunch at our clubhouse afterward to let our families mingle and eat some delicious food.

Austin's Grandma's are the sweetest women that you can find. We love them to pieces.
My mother in law and mom
Austin's Parents
My little princess girl that was absolutely beautiful in her dress.

The one that I wore when I was blessed.
Ryon, Danie, Austin, Me, Chelsea, and Josh
The Girls in my family.