Monday, April 26, 2010

Graduation Party

Austin Parents had a Graduation Party for Austin in their backyard.
It was such a blast!!!
They decorated it sooo cute and the food was extra yummy.
Thanks everyone for loving Austin so much
and for helping us celebrate this wonderful part of his life.

Chelsea, Me, Ashton, Brody and Brecken
Grandpa Dick, Grandma Shirley, Kadee and Briggs

Kami and Paige
My Parents
Me and the Brodster
All the guys playing some Basketball.
Congrats Austin Earl!!!!!
Brody Boo
Austin, Doug, Bubba, and Jack
Kadee, Andrew and baby Briggs
And after a long night of partying, the kids got to hop around in the hot tub.


Seth and Shayla said...

Austin congratulations I am so excited for you and a little jeliouse very exciting very.

The Bingham's said...

It was seriously so much fun! We love Austin's family! We had such a blast! Thanks for inviting us! Congrats Austin!! Love you guys!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

what a fun little celebration! now you guys can enjoy a little more time together! yay for that! miss you guys, and congrats again Austin!

ps, Brody with the matching little tie is such a stud! i miss that handsome little boy!