Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grantsville Christmas

This year in Grantsville all the kids got to act out the nativity.
Even Brody got to be apart of the fun, he was a wiseman.

It was a little hard to keep him in his spot for longer than a half of a second.
My boy is wild and does not like to sit still. :)
He was suppose to bring baby Jesus Gold,
but thought that he might need to try it sure was yummy!

All the kids did so good remembering their lines.
Rylie even played the piano for us while we sang christmas songs in between acts.

Every year the kids go on an elf hunt throughout the house and find a gift at the end. This year we did it with lights off and they all got mini flashlights to help them find their way. It was so darling watching all the kids scamper throughout the house giggling.
Here they are with papa Jack reading them a clue.
Brody got a truck and a fun block toy that he fits puzzle pieces in.
They all Loved their gifts.
Thanks Nana and Papa Jack!
Brody and Austin playing with the new fun toy.
All the grandkids with their new christmas pj's on.

Brody is my Handsome little man!!!

Austin and Brody got to open up our fabulous gift from his parents. A grill for camping. We have been wanting one for awhile and were so excited to get it. Thanks you guys!!!

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HOPE said...

I am SOOO jealous of your Willow Tree nativity set!! Ive been wanting it FOREVER!!! :)