Sunday, August 10, 2008


YEAH!!!! Football season has started and we are ready to watch the chargers every sunday. It's our BEST! Last night they played the Dallas Cowboys, it was a fantastic game to watch and Ryon did really good. My parents went out to see the first game and celebrate Kayla Starr's Birthday...we are soooo jealous. But we had our own little party here, Austin, Josh, Chelsea, Raegan, Wyatt and Me got together with some good food (of Course) and cheered for Ryon on T.V. Look how cutie our hats are! GO CHARGERS!!!!
I wish the Chargers wore the powder blue color everyweek (like my shirt)
Thats my favorite, I love it!

Where is Wyatts Hat??? Sadders he wants one.

Raegan was even excited to watch the game.

Yeah, we're thug money!!! haha
Lulu and me riding up to my moms to watch the game, I think that she was excited to watch Ryon too....or maybe she just thought I was taking her back to her mother. haha

Ryon we love watching you every week! We will be out to see you soon. Love you!


Brandon and Tenille said...

Go Ryan we love watching him to and the chargers there our favorites ever since we lived in san diego for three years. Thats is where I became a football fan loved it and love the chargers good luck ryan...

Keelee & Jackson said...

Awe fun!! You two are looken straight up, tricked out thuggen ho's.... but in a good way!!! Wish we could've come that night.

The Bingham's said...

We really are the hottest thugs in the world!!! We had so much fun with you guys. From you guys all falling asleep on me to the taco bell gut bomb!!!! love ya

Blog de Remerascopadas said...

Muy lindo