Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family Time

Thanksgiving is such a beautful time of year. Yummy smells in the air, lots of good things to eat, and the best of time! It was especially great this year because Ryon, Danie, Kayla, and Sawyer got to be with us. My mother set the table extra beautiful and we ate until we all were stuffed to the max.
Isn't that what you are suppose to do?

Kayla, Raegan and Wyatt even had there own little table. Grandma covered the table with paper so that they could color during dinner...LUCKY!

My mom is trying to steal Brody from me every chance she gets,
and I don't think he minds a bit!

Wyatt ran around the house speaking in his coo coo language. Seriously he sounds chinese. haha
Sawyer was cutting teeth and not very happy about the runny nose he had all weekend, dang it!
The girls wanted Grandma to read them books all weekend, I think my mother was in heaven.
Chelsea, me and Danie
Raegan and Kayla
After we had eaten and chatted, my mom and dad gave the grandkids a new christmas tradition. It is called the Elf on the Shelf. They all got a darling little elf dressed in red, that sits around their house and watches them to make sure that they are being good, he reports back to santa everything they do, they better be good if they want Santa to come see them. It comes with this most darling book that the girls wanted read over and over again. We all got to name our elf, Brody's elf is Brooster and he loves it!!!!!

My mom was overly joyed that she got Ryon home this year, he hasn't been home for thanksgiving in 10 years, since he was 17.
After all the party hartying Chelsea, Danie and I left at midnight and went shopping for the Black friday deals. We didn't get back until 6 am. We were EXHAUSTED, but it was so worth it!!!!


Seth and Shayla said...

what a dang cute family I love thanksgiving it sure is the best.

McCall said...

libby got that elf book too. so cute.