Monday, November 2, 2009

2 months old

Mr. Brody turns 2 months old today

We went to the doctor and he is growing fabulous.
Length 23.8 inches 81 percentile
Weight 13.12 lbs 83 percentile
Head 16.3 inches 85 percentile


Seth and Shayla said...

he is one handsome little dude I will tell you what

The Ekins said...

Thanks for the update! He will need to put on a few pounds to catch up to Davin. Dav weighed 16 pounds and was 26 inches long at 2 months. He is darling, and getting big way to fast!

bevans said...

He is a stinkin handsome little boy!

The Bingham Family said...

Oh my!!! Didn't you just have him yesterday? I wish he could stay little forever! He is so darn cute...I can't wait to snuggle him! My most favorite thing is to pull up your blog and see such a handsome little man staring back at me, what a sweetheart you have! And of course you are looking as gorgeous as ever, love you!!

The Petersons said...

He is beautiful in a super manly way!! I can't stand it, I want to snuggle him up.