Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big things

The last couple of weeks Brody has been doing really big things.
He can stand while holding on to something.
He can even pull himself up on the couch.He is also Army crawling all around the house.
If he sees something he wants,
he drags his little legs all across the floor to go get it.

I guess this means I need to get my house baby proofed,

I am sure little man is going to be getting into everything in no time at all.


HOPE said...

This is the time when the real work begins!!! They just think its hillarious to run from you, especially in public!! He is such a cutie!!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

Awe so fun! Ya i remember wanting Casch to start crawling so bad and then it was so much harder than I thought it would be! They are so worth it though! He is cute as always! Miss you guys!

The Ekins said...

Get ready, things are about to get crazy!!! I love when they start getting a little independence, it is a lot more work for you but it is so much fun!!!!

Tawny said...

Uh-oh...The stairs are the scariest!!