Thursday, May 6, 2010

My New Life

I cryed today.

I watched this beautiful video and sobbed.

For those of you that don't know about Stephanie Nielson, you need to. She will inspire you to be a better person and she will help you be greatful for all that you have.

I know that you probably don't have a lot of time to spend on the computer today...but PLEASE, take a moment and watch this video.

And when you are done, Thank Jesus Christ for all that you have be blessed with, because after watching something like this, you can't deny what a power he is in all of our lives. I know that he has had a huge hand in mine and I am so Grateful for him in my life!!!!!


jessica.emily.adams said...

Isn't it such a beautiful video? I watched it once yesterday and once today and the more I watch it the more touched I am and the more I cry. Incredible.

Paige said...

I really needed that today..thanks for posting it! Yesterday was a really hard "MOM" day,for me...I was feeling like what I was doing wasn't significant and far from glamorous....I will absolutely have a different attitude today!! REALLY... thanks

Kami said...

Thank Chelsi, sometimes it feels so good to cry. That video makes you want to be a better person, mom, wife and friend! I needed that today!

Rachel said...

She proves, in every way, that ONE person CAN do SO MUCH good. I love NieNie...even though I've never met her. I'm grateful for your reminder today. I needed a good cry. :)