Thursday, June 3, 2010

9 months

Brody is 9 Months old

He is getting so big, I took him to the doctor yesterday and Dr. Duffy couldn't believe how tall he is. He thinks he is going to be quite the athlete. haha I am pretty sure that since it runs in both sides of the family, he will love sports.

Height: 31 1/2 inches- 100%
Weight: 24.3 lbs- 92%

9 things Brody is up to this month
1. Brody boo is crawling all over the house and can go get anything that he wants to look at, feel or stick in his mouth to see if it is something scrumptious to eat.
2. He pulls himself up to a stand on chairs, couch and bed. I often find him awake from his nap holding on to the rails bouncing.
3. Loves to bounce in his bouncer, he is getting a little to stong for it, he will bounce so hard that I am nervous he is going to fall out of it.
4. He smiles all day long and especially loves to smile while people talk to him.
5. Loves to watch sesame street and squeels when elmo is singing, I think he is trying to sing along.
6. He has 5 teeth, 4 on the bottom and one on the top.
7. Loves to pull himself to a stand in the bathtub and laughs while mom is trying to get him to sit back down.
8. Still has really dark eyes, we don't know what color they are going to be?!?!?!
9. Gives really good kisses to mom and dad and is so proud of himself for being a good smoocher!


Julie said...

He's getting so BIG...what a cutie!

The Bingham's said...

Yeah Brody Boo! You are so handsome! You are about to catch up to Wyatt! We love big boys!! Love you little (big) Guy!

Seth and Shayla said...

what cute pictures time really flies he is so big, I am excited for anndees appointment next month.

Michelle Elkins said...

he is such a stud muffin!!!

Paige said...

He's so much fun to watch growing so fast...such an energetic bouncy little thing...we love him so much, he just couldn't be any more hansome!

McCall said...

i agree with michelle....ha. stud muffin. ;)

CASEY & NICOLE said...

I can't believe he is already 9 months!! Where dose the time go?! We need to get together ASAP! Miss you guys! Brody is cute as ever!

joven said...

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TeriLyn said...

oh my gosh, he looks JUST like Austin! Cute pictures!