Thursday, April 30, 2009


The other day I got Brodys room painted. Yeah!!!
We also got his crib and changing table in his room, and his curtains hung up. We have a few more things to get before I can show you the finished product.
But, I will say....Its lookin mighty cute!!!!
I had the window wide open and wore a mask,
for all of you that are worried why I am painting when I am pregnant.
I was going to paint his room apple green, but we decided that might not be very boyish, so we just did the tan from the rest of our house. It is soooo cute with his bedding!

That Zebra in his bed, is my FAVORITE!!!


Jen said...

You are seriously on top of things...our little man better not come early because he has 2 onesies and a rattle...guess we need to go do some shopping!

Doug and Kami said...

It is looking good! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Lindsay and Robert said...

really cute! i am excited to see the final product!

Chelsea Bingham said...

I love it Chelsi, It's going to be so cute with his bedding! I am so excited to see it all done! Nice work!! Good job taking the precautionaries, your already a great mom!!! LOVE YOU!!

Cory & Megan said...

i love it! and we have that zebra too!

Brittany said...

Wow. You guys are so cute and on top of things. We haven't really started yet. I love the zebra too.

Tawny said...

You are so nesting ;-)