Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter at the Binghams

On Sunday we went up to my parents house and celebrated the day away!!! Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love that it is getting warmer and all the bright colored eggs and yummy candies. Getting together with family has got to be the greatest thing to do, especially when you get to celebrate a holiday together. We made yummy food and had an easter egg hunt in the backyard, it was hard this year, my dad hid them really good. It was a beautiful day and we had such a great Easter!!!

Wyatt, Chelsea and Raegan getting ready for the feast!!!
Austin and I with Brody in my tummy, can you see how big it is getting? yay!!!

Dad and Mom fixing up the yumminess in the kitchen.

Austin, Raegan and Josh

You have to have an Easter centerpiece to finish off the table.
The vintage bunnies are the cutest, don't you think?

and hmmmmm...well...odd is all I can say about this one.

Easter treats from my parents!

Do you remember these from childhood?
I haven't seen them around since I was little. My mom found them
this year at the peppermint place for the grandbabies.
Raegies in her new Easter dress! So pretty!!!

After all the excitment my mom and wyatt took a little nap in the sunshine.
Thank you for a wonderful Easter!!!!!
We can't wait until next year when we have our little Brody Boy to celebrate with.


Brandon and Tenille said...

You guys looked like you had a great easter weekend. We were out of town in San Diego so no cute easter pics or festivities for us. Dont you love those sugar easter eggs from when we were growing up. Shayla found those to at the same place and lucky for me she bought a ton so was able to give carson a few and he loved them. Love the prego pic you actually look pregnant this time....

Michael and Michelle said...

Love the name Brody! And I totally remember those eggs from childhood, they were great!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

we loved talking to you guys too! we def need to hang out sometime soon. you guys are so cute and i can't wait to see how cute your little one will be!! and tell Austin he can get his hair cut whenever, just have him call me, 435 512 9049

Seth and Shayla said...

oh my goddness I am dead about the easter doll I am crackin up about it.

Conradblogfamily said...

Chelsi, I haven't even had time to say congrats!!!! And a BOY! You and Austin are so darling I can not wait to see this little one. We will be out for the 4th, can't wait to see you guys! Wish all the girls could of come over.....we had a house full but would have loved to have you, Kami, Kadee, Kate, and Paige......next time for sure!