Wednesday, April 1, 2009

marriage thoughts

I get asked alot by my darling friends, "You and Austin seem to be sooo in love with eachother still, whats the secret?"

I don't know that we really have a secret but I can tell you for sure that I love him more today then I did the day I married him. And I am sure I will wake up next month more madly in love with him then I am today. The one thing I know is that we are best friends, and it is because we take the time to make it that way.
We all have a fundamental need to communicate, so Austin and I make it a priority to talk on the phone during the day and when he gets home from school late, we talk some more. Who better to confide in than the one who hears you snore, takes care of you when you are sick, and knows you inside out? A strong commitment to communication is key to our thriving marriage. We do not keep things from eachother, even if it is something the other will be disappointed in, marriage is about sharing the bad and the good. Your spouse is with you forever(hopefully); richer, poorer, in sickness, and health. Trusting them in every measure is the best thing you can do to strengthen the marriage you have.


Michael and Michelle said...

So true!! I am so glad I can be ME around my hubby! You guys are precious! Keep being a good example to other couples!

Brandon and Tenille said...

You guys are definitely a cute couple and it sounds like your both so happy keep it up....