Friday, April 17, 2009

20 weeks

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and got to see how big Brody is getting inside my tummy. He was very active and wiggled alot! I loved seeing his little profile and his hands and feet moving. He is healthy (our greatest blessing) and everything they tested was great! He is growing fast and getting so big, they measured him to probably have a due date of August 31. We will know for sure next appointment if Dr. Smith wants to move his due date to that. I was so happy when she said Its a Boy! Even though we had found out earlier(16 weeks), you never know. I have heard so many stories of people finding out early and then at their 20 week appointment they get told the other sex. Its a good thing its Brody coming, I have bought him all his bedding and painted his room! phew!
Here is the left side of his body. You can see his abdomen,
his arm on the side and his little face and ear.

I LOVE this profile shot with his hand right by his mouth!!!!

Here is the much asked for 20 week belly shot.


Julie said...

Ahh adorable!

HOPE said...

Your so cute Chelsi!!! Cant wait to meet little Brody!!!

Chelsea Bingham said...

He looks like a girl to me... oh wait he must take after his daddy XS??? hahahahahahahahaha I am hilarious! He is so darling I love how you can see him so good and his cute little face and hands!! I love him already!! Can't wait!!

Doug and Kami said...

Ahhh that is so sweet! He is getting so big, you better watch out he could be a 10 pounder!!!

Jen said...

Love it! My doc and ultrasound lady couldn't fit me in until 22 weeks...I hate waiting. Those pics are so cute though--good thing it's still a boy, I can't believe you have already done so much-you are good!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

I loved the 20 week appointment!! It was so fun to see him become so real huh!?! You are looking so good! He sure does have a cute little profile!! It is crazy how accurate they are. Can't wait to meet the little guy!! Only half way to go!! Woo hoo!