Saturday, October 18, 2008

Magical moments

With halloween just around the corner, I find myself reflecting on the days of my childhood. When the fall season always seemed so special. What was it that made me feel like getting ready for halloween was magical? I don't have to think to hard to remember that My mom was always doing something special to make us love the season. She would always dec out our house with fun festive decorations, inside and out. We would make sugar cookies and homemade icing, I would get to help put the icing on and add some sparkle with my favorite sprinkles. We would dip carmeled apples, bake bread, and more cookies. I always remember my brothers loving it as well. We loved the smells of a kitchen cooking many yummy treats. Now as I am grown and thinking of being a parent myself, I am so excited to have these memory-making events with my own children. It is important to keep traditions going and having things to look forward to throughout the year. I think that I will get in my kitchen today, fasten my apron and start baking delicious treats to give as gifts and make this another season to treasure!!! Thanks mom for giving me the love of baking!

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Julie said...

I better see some of those treats coming my way...(he he)