Sunday, October 12, 2008

Body Worlds

Austin and I took trax to Salt Lake City yesterday to see the Body Worlds exibit at the Library Square. We both thought it was the coolest thing. It is amazing how complex our bodies are. I loved seeing this exibit, it shows you every organ of the body, it shows diseased organs as well so that you can see what happens to the organs when they are not taken good care of. They show multiple bodies that all are striped of their skin showing different things about the body but the one I thought was really neat was the body striped to its nervous system, you could see every single nerve in the body. It is definetely something that everyone needs to see, it changes the way you want to treat yourself, and eat, and excercie. We loved it! Go see it and let us know what you thought.


The Allred Family said...

Aaron and I saw the Body Worlds exhibit and we thought it was awesome. I can't believe how they could break it all down like that. It was amazing. Believe it or not,k we took the kiddos and Hallie loved it! She asked a milion questions and learned a lot that day! Maggie slept on my shoulder, probably a good thing!

Paige said...

Hey...we can't wait to get in there. It is totally an eye opener and something right up our alley. Also such a testimony these bodies just showed up by chance? I don't think so. something so complexed and amazing could only be the masterpiece of God! I love fall too! what fun traditions...thanks for reminding me to slow down and make some memories with my kids!