Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Party

Josh and Chelsea had a halloween dinner party at there house tonight. It was a SPOOKY dinner.

"Austin you not an Angel" (Raegan kept telling him)haha
Raegs and Mamma played in the spooky fog
Charger fan and sleepover queen
Froggy and lady bug..I feel she is more of a stink bug,
but she kept insisting that she is a LADY bug!!!
The Darling dinner
We had to choose off the menu what we wanted.......if we got the code words wrong we might have had to eat our burrito on the table without a plate. haha It was so fun trying to figure out what things were. Chelsea is a very good cook and did a wonderful job keeping us entertained with her food names.
All Austin worried about was getting a plate, he didn't care if he got dessert first or didn't get a drink......he WANTED a plate!

Wyatt the frog
The Devil has a good side I see.
Angel of mine
We are cuters!
Joshua was a pirate and Chelsea a jack o'lantern
It was such a fun night!
I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! It is just so fun to celebrate.


Brandon and Tenille said...

Oh it looks like you guys had a great time and that menu idea is so dang cute. Love the pics all love all your costumes....

The Ekins said...

You guys are always having so much fun!!! I love the costumes! I also love that you put your decorated house pictures on your blog. I love seeing them, it is just darling, you are so amazing, it always looks perfect! Have a Happy HALLOWEEN! We'll see ya soon!

Keelee & Jackson said...

You guys are so much fun!