Saturday, October 22, 2011




All the girls got to go to witches night together, FINALLY!!!! Every year we have been missing our Danie and Kayla, they have always been in California, but now that they are living in Utah they were finally able to make our witches night complete.
Brooklyn, My darling Witchy girl

Kayla Starr and Raegan, SO CUTE!

Brody was a tad bit jealous, he wanted to be a witch with sissy. :)

3 generations of witches!

The girls at Gardner Village

The little girls loved all the witches everywhere.

We had such a fun time! Witches night out has been a tradition in our family for years. I am glad that the little girls were able to go with us this year. It made it all the more enjoyable!

This was my favorite witch this year, so hilarious. Student driver witch that crashed into a tree.

Spooky times with my favorite girls, what could be better?


The Henries said...

Sooo fun! And I have to say you guys are the best looking witches I have ever seen!

Kami said...

I love all the darling little witches!!! This is one of my favorite traditions that you and your family do!!! Brooklyn is so beautiful, she looks just like her mommy!

Jason, Chan, Conner, B, Jaxon and Krew Pehrson said...

You guys are so Darling. how fun!!!