Monday, October 3, 2011

Build a Puppy

Austin's parents have the cutest tradition of going to Build a Bear with the Birthday Grandchild that turns 2. It was Brody's turn this year and he was THRILLED!!! He couldn't wait to spend the day with Nana and Papa Jack.

Excitment all over his face, he wasn't even inside yet and he was bouncing up and down.

He picked out the cutest puppy and got to help stuff it and make it come to life.

Which heart to choose for a very special puppy.....

This pink one is perfect!

Stuff it in and close him up

Bath time

He got to name it "Bones" and get a birth certificate

Pick out which bark to have for Bones.

All dressed up in his fishing gear that Papa Jack picked out.

He played and played on the cars in the mall.

An icecream cone to finish up a perfect day

He was so happy to be with his grandparents all day and got absolutely warn right out!!!

Thanks Nana and Papa Jack!!!!!!

What a FUN day to remember.

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The Bingham's said...

Oh brody boo! You are so darling!!