Monday, January 18, 2010

Jazz Game

My so beautiful of a friend Ashley(single by the way, if anyone knows someone darling, hint hint) took me to the Jazz Game on Saturday night. She always spoils me. It was such a blast!!!! I was shocked by our seats, we flippin sat on the first row behind the hoop. Awesome!!!! I don't really understand basketball or usually really watch it for that matter, but when you sit that close it suddenly becomes interesting.
Thanks Ash!!!! It was sooooooooo fun!
Also, when you sit this close you get to see how ginormous these guys really are.
I knew that they were tall , but seriously, they are TALL.
Check out the guy next to me, he's rockin the side burns.

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McCall said...

i was there too! and made it on the jumbo-tron. ha.