Monday, September 19, 2011

Good bye summer

We took our last camping trip of the season over the weekend. Its probably getting a bit cold to go again. So until next year, good bye summer! We stayed up the Canyon from Grantsville. It was beautiful and some of the trees were starting to change colors

Our campsite was so pretty, right next to a stream. We were a little nervous to have Brody by the water, but he didn't seem to care it was there. Thank goodness...He was more interested in running up and down the trail from the campsite to our trailer.

We love lighting up the campfire at night and making smores, especially if they are made with reeses. yummm!

It rained really hard the first night so we playing in the trailer.

Brody watched buzz and woody.

we played a little poker

and we went down to the dam and threw rocks in to see how big of splashes we could make.

We had such a fun time with our kiddos! Love camping!

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Seth and Shayla said...

did you give your cutie brooklyn a haircut, her hair looks really cute. I need to try camping next year it looks so fun