Monday, August 29, 2011

Zoo Days

Last week we got to spend the day at the Zoo. My kids loved all the animals and seeing their cousins. Brody's favorite animal is the 'phants' (elephants) and mine is the Giraffe. So we made sure to see them and spend some time saying hi to them. I haven't seen the bird show since I was little so we went and it was AWESOME! Brody and Brooklyn were very entertained and we almost got hit by birds a few times. It was a great day! I can't wait to go again.

Raegan and Wyatt at going down the snake slide
The kids seeing how big they are getting
Brody of course has to play with everything,

he can't walk by something without touching it and seeing how it works.

Skylar hanging off the rhino

Skylar on the rhino,

Brody, Alayna, Raegan and Avery on the ground.

My darling babies!

Darling little Girls!

Remember that I have to always fight with Brody to get a picture with him.

All the kids LOVE the water ball in the front of the zoo.

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The Henries said...

How fun! I just love the Zoo!