Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunny San Diego

We took the kiddos and headed to see my brother for his 30th Birthday. Neither one of the kids have been on a plane and since Brody isn't 2 yet we thought we would take advantage of not having to pay for him and take a plane ride. I don't know if that was such a good soon as we got to the airport we knew it was going to be crazy flying with 2 kids. Brody was running all over and behind the jetblue checkin counter while I was trying to hold Brooklyn and both our carryons...Austin was trying to get our bags and the carseats checked in while I ran after Brody...I am sure people were laughing thinking glad thats not us. I thought as soon as we can get through security and get on the plane I am sure Brody will be good, think again.....our plane was delayed so we had more chasing to do up and down the terminals, if one of us grabbed him and tried to make him sit by us and play with his toys he would scream and yell "done, done, done" People thought we were trying to kipnap the kid I am sure. Finally we got on the plane and there was no empty rows so I asked a guy if we could sit by him and was he ok sitting by kids, he didn't even answer us, he just got up and moved seats....I guess he wasn't really a kid kinda guy. haha Once we sat, Brody was wild as ever and wouldn't sit down, he wanted to bounce on the seats the whole time. All we could do was laugh and keep reminding eachother....lets not do this again.

Brody's little cheeks were as rosy as ever from all the running he had done. :)

As soon as we boarded Austin said "I get Brooklyn" haha I said that was fine because I am sure Brody would fall asleep anyway......... Lucky Dad!

Every now and then he would watch Toy Story, but for the most part he wanted to check everything out and see who was sitting behind and infront of us.

When we got to Cali, the cousins were so glad to see eachother. Sawyer and Brody were inseperable the whole time.

Brooklyn learned how to roll over and really enjoyed showing us all with a Huge smile on her face.

The 2 crazy boys were in everything, but as long as they were having fun and not getting hurt we just laughed and thought boys will be boys.

They rode these all day everyday, it was really cute.

Little Miss is obsessed with sucking her toes, I think it is hilarious so I had to show her off.

We went to the San Diego Zoo one day and it was AMAZING!!! They have very cool animals there, even this turtle that has been alive since 1908.

Brody was obsessed with the "onkeys" These Gorillas were huge and running around, there was probably 5 or 6 and 2 babies that were adorable.

Even Brooklyn liked checkin them out.

The Elephants

Brody, Sawyer and Kayla Starr

There was a huge life size statue of an elephant, so of course the 2 daredevils had to climb up it to show us how strong they are. Wow, good job boys!!!

They have the same bouncer as we do...Brooklyn was in heaven.

Brody turned into a little fish on this trip. He used to be kind of afraid of swimming pools but just watching his cousins jumping in and out of the pool, he decided that looked pretty fun and he would do everything they were doing, even if it scared mom.

Austin got to stay a few days and I stayed almost 2 weeks. He was really jealous of me. :) I loved being in California and seeing my Brother and his family. I miss them already and can't wait to go back and play with them again!!!!

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CASEY & NICOLE said...

Looks like fun!! I remember when I had to fly with both my kids, by my self, across the county, to meet Casey after he was done training! It is def. hard! But it looks like a fun trip! Miss you guys so much!!