Friday, July 9, 2010


Every year we go to Grantsville to Celebrate the 4th in Style.
Small town parade, carnival at the park, car show, yummy food, and at night more food, games and fireworks. It is always so much fun.
This year was extra exciting having our little Brody boo to celebrate with, he makes everything more fun. We were nervous he would get scared of the fireworks but he loved them and had his mouth open wide in ahh the whole time. It was so cute!!!
Jack and Deb with most of the Grandkids

My handsome boys!!!!

Austin, Brody, Avery, Lainey, and Doug

Look at all the CUTE faces getting ready for the parade and lots of treats!
our little family
Brody was loving these rocks, he kept picking them up in amazement, looking at them, dropping them and picking them back up again. It was so funny.

After the parade and the carnival at the park this little man was exhausted.
Isn't he the cutest???


CASEY & NICOLE said...

yes, he is the cutest! looks like you guys have been having a fun summer!! it was so good to see you guys the other day!

Kami said...

SOOOOO glad you guys were with us to celebrate the fourth!

Seth and Shayla said...

his hair is really bleached out form the sun so dang cute love the fourth happy fourth of july

Jen said...

He is getting soooo blonde! It's really cute! I want to see a belly pic of you!

joven said...

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