Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Allred Baby Shower

Last night my mother in law and sister in laws threw me a baby shower in Grantsville. All of the family was there to help me get ready for my little guy to come. Everyone spoiled me with gifts and good advice! Thanks you everyone for coming to the shower, it couldn't have been more fun! The theme of the shower was bugs, which is too perfect for little boys, the party favor was this cute jar filled with gummy worms.
I am sure that when Brody gets big enough
he will be using this jar to fill it with real nasty bugs!

Yummy Yummy chocolate fountain and lots to dip in it!!!

Kami and Paige (2 of my sister in laws)

Austin Earl and me (about ready to pop!)

Kadee(sister in law) and Deana (Austins cousin)

Jordan, Megan, Sydney and Amy (cousins)

The Prego girls
Kadee is due 2 months after me and is having a boy!
YAY!!! Brody and Briggs will be best buds. I can't wait!!!


jessica emily adams said...

I still think you look adorable.
Can't wait to see him!

Paige said...

oh it was so fun to celebrate little Brody again. You really are ready to pop but you are also very very darling! Thanks for the PARTY!!

Kami said...

You may be the cutest prego mommy ever! Can't wait for him to get here!!!!!!!!